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Rustichella Pasta Penne 1.1 Lb

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Pasta Shapes 101: Discover the origins and preparations of your favorite shapes and varieties

Gianluigi Peduzzi, like his father and grandfather before him, has been hand-crafting pasta for generations. This ridged little pasta is made only from stone-ground winter wheat & pure spring water, and pressed through traditional bronze dies. After slowly drying for two days, this rich and textured pasta provides a more rustic pasta that allows sauce to grip each piece. Ridged and roughly ground, the penne rigate is the perfect pasta for a rustic red sauce. A dollop of fresh ricotta mixed in with some rich tomato sauce is nothing short of perfect. Add other pantry staples like Rustichella Pasta Bucatini and Rustichella Pasta Sagne A Pezzi.

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