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Murray's French Onion Mac 32oz

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Please try our delicious Classic Mac and Cheese or check out our Mac and Cheese essentials.


We’re bringing Murray’s French Onion Mac to your door! Our secret three-cheese blend is combined with textured radiatore pasta noodles and loaded with a decadent mornay sauce and bits of real bacon in one rich, creamy, smoky dish that you can now heat up in the comfort of your own kitchen. Our Mac is shipped frozen from New York and carefully packaged to maintain peak freshness. It will arrive cool to the touch, ready to be heated up in the oven or saved in your freezer for up to two weeks. Just check out our easy reheating instructions and dig in! Plus, we’ve got a selection of more mouthwatering Mac recipes to inspire you to spice things up with ingredients at home.

French Onion Mac is only available for a limited time- get yours now! Item will not ship past 1/10/22.

*Contains dairy and wheat

Pasta (Organic Durum Semolina Wheat Flour, Water), Murray’s Cheese Blend (Milk, Salt, Cultures, Rennet), Mornay Sauce (Milk, Unsalted Butter, All-Purpose Flour, White Onion, Garlic, Thyme, Bay Leaves, New York White Cheddar, Mozzarella, Cayenne, Nutmeg, Salt), Panko, Grated Domestic Parmesan (Milk, Salt, Cultures, Rennet), Neuske’s Slab Bacon

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United States
New York
32 oz