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Rodolphe Salted Butter 250g


If you don’t think of butter as high-brow, that’s because you probably haven’t tried Rodolphe le Meunier’s. Straight from the cows in Normandy, this butter is churned in the traditional French style. This process helps separate the milk, spinning the heaviest part into a creamy and thick consistency, and then re-injecting the butter with cream. Molded by hand and perfectly salted, it has a rich and delicate flavor that will forever change the way you see butter. A thin sliver of this spread adds more flavor than any other store bought butter could bring. Because it is a traditional European butter, the butter fat and moisture content are both high – giving you a delightfully rich and creamy flavor. This butter can escalate any dish – be it a savory buerre blanc sauce or your next baking project. To appreciate the simplistic delight of this product, slather a tab on toast and enjoy.

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