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Murray's Cavemaster Reserve 2 Year Annelies


Annelies is one of our flagship Cavemaster cheeses, an Alpine wheel that's made in Switzerland by Walter Raas and aged in our caves for 9-12 months to coax out sweet flavors of roasted hazelnuts, vibrant alpine grasses, lush butterscotch, and undertones of cocoa. Its profile is so deep and nuanced that our Caves team decided to reserve some wheels to see what happens to Annelies when it keeps aging. The answer is right here in our new 2 Year Annelies: its flavor becomes even richer and fuller, with a paste that's almost fudgy and generously flecked with those ever-wonderful tyrosine crystals.

What exactly happens during those extra 15 months in our caves? Exactly what happens with our original Annelies: we wash it and flip it regularly, carefully tending to its conditions to keep it happy. The longer it spends in the cave, the more it develops in flavor and texture. Simply put, if you like Annelies, you'll love 2 Year Annelies. If you love Annelies, well then 2 Year Annelies might just make you faint with joy.

Just the Facts

Milk Type
Rennet Type
24 months