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The Sweet Treats Cheese Board

For this DIY holiday board, we put together a platter that’s bursting with chocolate and sweet dessert bites to complement four decadent cheeses. You'll find a quartet of Murray’s favorites—a blue, a buttery round, a sweet Alpine, and a honey-infused gouda—to pair with a whole host of cookies and sweet snacks. From gingerbread cookies to chocolate-covered pretzels to rich babka, these deluxe accompaniments turn a simple holiday spread into a post-dinner feast. Just add some mulled wine and hot cider.

preparation & ingredients

1/2 lb. Murray's Dansk Blue​

1 ea. Murray's La Tur, 8 oz.​

1/2 lb. Murray's Cave Aged Reserve Annelies​

1/2 lb. Murray's Honey Goat Gouda​

1 ea. Carnegie Deli Chocolate Babka, 16 oz.​

1 ea. Rustic Bakery Ginger Babies, 5 oz.​

1 ea. Rustic Bakery Vanilla Bean Shortbread, 4 oz.​

1 ea. Vesta Milk Chocolate Pretzel Gems, 180 g.​

1 ea. Murray's Spiced Cherry Preserves, 10 oz.​




Crumble the Honey Goat Gouda, leaving some intact closer to the rind.​
Slice the Dansk Blue into triangles.​
Cut about half of the Annelies into rectangular slices with rind on each end.​
Slice half of the babka.​


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