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Jasper Hill Farm Bridgman Blue


It turns out goats get the blues too--at least, that’s true for this one-of-a-kind mixed milk cheese from the famed Jasper Hill Farm. Made from a blend of milk from Jasper Hill’s own cows and goat milk sourced from the neighboring Bridgman Hill Farm, this original blue is a bright and tangy stunner, with sweet notes of citrus from the goat’s milk infusion, and a smooth buttery essence from the rich cow’s milk. With notes of sea salt and decadent milk chocolate, this dense and creamy blue is like a bite of salted caramel candy with a light, peppery finish, resulting in a cave-aged creation with fresh minerality that’s made for a sparkling wine or crisp Vermont apple cider.

Unless noted otherwise, Murray's cheeses sold by the lb ship in multiple 0.5 lb increments. To request a whole wheel, please contact the Murray's team at orders@murrayscheese.com at least 72 hours prior to your desired ship date.

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Just the Facts

United States
Vermont, Northeast
Milk Type
Cow, Goat
Rennet Type
2 Months