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Brebirousse D'Argental

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brebirousse d argental cheese
Brebirousse D'Argental
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  • Pasteurized
  • Microbial Rennet
  • Age: 14 Days
  • Sheep Milk
  • France
  • Approachable
  • Soft

Nutty and complex, Brebirousse D'Argental is a sheep’s milk cheese that will please any crowd. Brebirousse, French for red sheep, gets its name from its annatto-tinged rind that encases a creamy, spreadable paste with a grassy aroma and a subtle milky sweetness. Pair it with a glass of cava and bring out its savory notes with Rustic Bakery Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread and Murray's Marcona Almonds.

“Brebirousse is punchy at first bite, but fades into a mellow, sweet finish. Spread it on a piece of crusty, artisan bread with some fruit jam and a drizzle of honey.”
Murray’s Cheesemonger – New York, NY
Sheep's Milk, Salt , Ferments (Lactic, Ripening Ferments), Coagulant (Microbial Rennet), E160B Annatto Extract

Allergens: Milk

  • With a name that translates to the French as “red sheep,” Brebirousse D'Argental originated in Lyon, in the Rhone-Alps region of France.
  • Unlike other orange-hued cheeses, Brebirousse D'Argental is not washed or treated with any molds that affect its color. As a result, it’s comparably milder in smell and taste than similarly-colored washed rinds and is more akin to an extra rich brie.
  • Pasteurized sheep’s milk, which naturally has a higher fat content than cow’s milk, is used to create its creamy, spreadable paste.
  • It’s perfect with slices of ham on a fresh baguette, a bowl of dried apricots, or simply enjoyed on its own with a drizzle of honey.
When you receive your cheese, unpack the order and refrigerate the items. We recommend using the cheese paper we send most of our products in to store the cheese. The cheese paper helps cover the items and stop them from drying out, while also allowing the cheese to breathe. Since cheese is mold, it's a living thing! If you cut off air circulation to the cheese, you can actually cause it to suffocate and spoil at a faster rate.

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