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The Best of France Cheese Sampler

Best of France Collection

$95.00 / Each
Best of France Collection
The Best of France Cheese Sampler

The Best of France Cheese Sampler exemplifies why France is so famous for its cheese, with a journey through five luscious varieties from across the country’s diverse regions and styles. Dig into silky Brebirousse d'Argental, nutty Comté, crowd-pleasing Murray’s Mini Brie, and more. To round out your French feast, just add Trois Petits Cochons Mini Toasts or slices of crusty baguette and a jar of Black Cherry Confit. Any Francophile would be thrilled to receive this delicious gift.

“This is my favorite mini collection for when I’m craving classic French cheeses and can’t make up my mind. Because it’s got six of different cheeses, it’s great for snacking or for serving up at wine night with friends when you want just a taste of something. Each cheese in the sampler is snackable on its own, so for pairing I tend to keep things simple with a fruit jam like Murray’s Spiced Cherry Preserves and a basic Firehook Sea Salt Cracker.”
Murray’s Marketing – New York, NY

In This Collection

  • Murray's Mini Brie

  • Murray's 18 Month Aged Comté

  • Langres

  • Brebirousse D'Argental

  • Ossau Iraty

  • Ships in - Murray's Small Gift Box

If one of the items in the collection is unavailable or does not meet our high quality standards, we may need to substitute an item of equal or greater value.


2.5 pounds


5-7 people

  • The Best of France Cheese Sampler is a perfect gift for fromage enthusiasts and globetrotters.
  • The cheeses in this sampler were expertly selected to work well together on a cheese board. They range from soft to hard, cow’s milk to sheep’s milk, and include bloomy rind, washed rind, and Alpine varieties.
  • Want even more French cheese? Add a striking pyramid of Valençay and custardy, pungent Époisses.
  • For welcome sweet contrast alongside these savory cheeses, Murray’s Orange Blossom Honey and Le Bon Magot Sour Cherry & Pomegranate Conserve are excellent bets.
  • Try heating up Murray's Mini Brie in a Boska Cheese Baker or popping it in your oven with a smear of Murray’s Cranberry Orange Preserves for a decadent baked Brie.
  • Melt any leftover Murray's 18 Month Aged Comté atop French onion soup, or shave it into a satisfying salad with endive and toasted walnuts.

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