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Fermin Iberico Chorizo Sliced

fermin iberico chorizo sliced meats

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fermin iberico chorizo sliced meats
Fermin Iberico Chorizo Sliced
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  • Age: 6 Weeks
  • Pork
  • by Fermin
  • Spain

Flavored with smoky, spicy paprika, Fermín Ibérico Sliced Chorizo is made using the highest quality Ibérico pork from Spain’s portion of the Iberian Peninsula. The pigs feed on a diet of acorns, roots, and wild herbs, giving this dry-cured sausage a sweet, herbaceous flavor with a decadent texture. Pair this rich, delicate chorizo with Raincoast Crisps Rosemary Crisps and Murray's 1 Year Manchego for a perfectly savory cheeseboard.

“Chorizo is always a delightful cured sausage, one made with pork and paprika, but the Chorizo Iberico takes it to another level. Uniquely-raised Heritage breed pigs are used to create this melt-in-your-mouth, meaty, rich chorizo. Go classic with a Spanish sheep or goat's milk cheese like Manchego, Roncal, or Montealva, and you won't be disappointed.”
Murray’s Cheesemonger – New York, NY
Pork Meat, Salt, Nutmeg, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Dextrin, Dextros, Seasoning (Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrite, Trisodium Citrate)
  • For more than 60 years, Fermín has produced high-quality Ibérico products, including their sliced chorizo.
  • Pigs live in the Dehesas, or grassy pastures, of Spain.
  • The meat used to make this chorizo comes from pigs that are a cross between the Ibérico Duroc breeds. Because of this, the meat retains a high level of marbling with a lower fat content than pure Ibérico.
  • The chorizo is cured for 40 days in Alberca, Spain, just outside of Salamanca and near the border of Portugal.
  • Plump and tender, the pigs produce a finely marbled meat that has sweet, flavor that’s accented with smoky, spicy paprika.
  • Fermín was founded in 1956 in the village of La Alberca in Salamanca, Spain by Fermin Martin and his wife. It is still run by their children, Francisca and Santiago. 
  • They are located high in the Sierra de Francia mountains, where fresh mountain air provides the perfect environment to cure luxurious Iberico pork. 
  • For over 60 years, Fermín has created high-quality Ibérico products, including their signature Ibérico Sliced Chorizo. 
  • They raise their Ibérico pigs on the “Dehesa,” within the boundaries of a national park and UNESCO Biosfere Reserve.
  • The “Dehesa” is a specific ecosystem of grasslands punctuated by holm and cork oak trees.  It is unique to the western Iberia Peninsula, is the perfect environment for the Ibérico pigs to seasonally roam and graze.
  • The highest grade “Bellota” pigs spend at least 3-4 months grazing specifically on acorns in this environment.  They often wander up to 15 km p
  • In 2005, after importing Spanish cured meats into became legal, Fermin was the first producer to export Iberico products to the United States. 
  • The received organic certification in 2016.
Family Owned
Gluten Free, Non GMO

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