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Laguiole Mini Cheese Knife

$11.00 / Each
Laguiole Mini Cheese Knife
Laguiole Mini Cheese Knife
  • by Laguiole By Jean Dubost
  • France

The Mini Cheese Knife is part of the Dubost family’s Laguiole line—a collection that honors France’s rich tradition of artisan blademaking. Crafted with a high-grade stainless steel blade, it’s dishwasher safe and features the Laguiole trademark—an engraved bee. The handle is easy to grip, making it perfect for slicing through firm cheese. This timeless knife, paired with the Brooklyn Slate Large Cheese Board, is a gift that will never go out of style.  

“This knife slices so smoothly that I always put it out when I’m serving something firm like Aged Goat Gouda. This, along with the Laguiole spreader, make it easy for guests to serve themselves.”
Murray’s Merchandising, New York, NY
  • Based in France, Jean Dubost has been making knives since 1920. What began as a small business for industry professionals, has expanded to include a line of cutlery, gifts, and other housewares for both professional and home cooks.
  • The Dubost family has honored their country’s heritage by engraving a bee on each of their Laguiole knives—the same one that was seen on Napolean Bonaparte’s Imperial Seal.
  • Pierre Dubost, the founder of the Dubost brand, was a second-generation professional cutler.
  • Every Dubost blade must go through 25 manual production stages of cutting, polishing, and sharpening.

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