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Matiz Cockles In Brine

matiz-cockles-in-brine- specialty-foods

$17.00 / 4.2oz Tin
matiz-cockles-in-brine- specialty-foods
Matiz Cockles In Brine
  • Fish
  • by Matiz
  • Spain

Matiz Cockles in Brine are a tinned selection of Spanish mollusks similar to clams that have a salty, fresh-from-the-ocean flavor. Their chewy, tender texture and bright, briny profile make them ideal for happy hour snacking. Traditionally served in Galicia, Spain with lemon and parsley, we like them with a dash of Murray’s Sherry Reserva Vinegar or a few drops of Queen Majesty Hot Sauce.

“Linguine with clam sauce is a staple for our family's Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve and these little cockles make preparing it so easy. They're delicious right out of the can, but when they're warmed in some good olive oil with garlic, parsley, and chili flakes and tossed with fresh pasta, they are just incredible!”
Murray’s Wholesale Team – New York, NY
Cockles (Size 45/55), Water And Salt

Allergens: Shellfish

  • Cockles are small mollusks from the clam family, similar to traditional clams or mussels.
  • They’re traditionally collected by raking through the sands at low tide.
  • In Galicia, Spain, mollusks or “berberechos” are a delicacy, and often served with lemon and parsley.
  • Cockles are incorporated into seafood-based pastas in many cultures, specifically in Neapolitan dishes and Italian American holiday dishes.
  • Matiz takes pride in sourcing and importing all-natural, gourmet food products in its native Spain. 
  • Matiz products are imported to the United States by the Culinary Collective, a distributor that prioritizes sustainability and small producers in the gourmet realm. 
  • To promote responsible business practices, the Culinary Collective champions five distinct sourcing criteria: local ownership, authenticity, local sourcing, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. 
  • Matiz adheres to these guidelines and is proud to work with family manufacturers that prioritize high-quality, all-natural products.   
  • The Matiz product line encompasses olive oils, vinegars, vegetables, grains, and seafoods. 
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