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Matiz Sardines With Piquillo

matiz sardines with piquillo specialty foods

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matiz sardines with piquillo specialty foods
Matiz Sardines With Piquillo
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  • Fish
  • by Matiz
  • Spain

Matiz Sardines with Piquillo are a variety of tinned Spanish sardines packaged with sweet peppers. Matiz catches the small sardines off the coast of Galicia, Spain, and pairs the tender, salty fish with piquillo peppers, a type of chili that’s bright and juicy. The combination of sweet and briny makes for an addictively snackable treat, and is guaranteed to add flavor to any dish. Serve up Matiz Sardines with Piquillo in a Caesar salad with Murray’s Parmigiano Reggiano or create a tapas platter with our Pitted Greek Olive Mix.

“I'm transported to a tapas bar in Spain thanks to this perfectly packaged tin. The bright & vegetal flavors of the piquillos contrast the salty and meaty sardines; I can make quick work of a stack of saltines, a squeeze of lemon and dab of mustard to go along with it!”
Murray’s National Team – New York, NY
Sardines, Olive Oil, Piquillo Pepper, Salt

Allergens: Fish

  • Matiz harvests their sardines fresh off the coast of Galicia, Spain.
  • Galicia is renowned as a seaport and destination for seafood.
  • Categorized as “sardinillas,” these Spanish sardines are smaller in size than typical sardines.
  • They’re packaged with piquillo peppers, which are a variety of Spanish chili pepper that’s bright and sweet without any spice.
  • Matiz takes pride in sourcing and importing all-natural, gourmet food products in its native Spain. 
  • Matiz products are imported to the United States by the Culinary Collective, a distributor that prioritizes sustainability and small producers in the gourmet realm. 
  • To promote responsible business practices, the Culinary Collective champions five distinct sourcing criteria: local ownership, authenticity, local sourcing, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. 
  • Matiz adheres to these guidelines and is proud to work with family manufacturers that prioritize high-quality, all-natural products.   
  • The Matiz product line encompasses olive oils, vinegars, vegetables, grains, and seafoods. 
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