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Murray's Beer Cheese Mac And Cheese

$32.00 / 32 oz Each
Murray's Beer Cheese Mac And Cheese
Murray's Beer Cheese Mac And Cheese
  • by Murray's
  • United States

Packed with Alpine cheeses and pilsner, Murray’s Beer Cheese Mac & Cheese is one cozy dish. Nutty Gruyère and fruity raclette team up to make for an extra flavorful, oozy mornay sauce that blankets the textured radiatore noodles. The richness is tempered with a hit of whole grain mustard and fresh scallion. It's pub dip meets pasta, all hiding beneath a crisp panko lid. Send it as a gift, or stash it in your freezer for when you need a warming dinner served in a flash.

“Is there anything better than remembering you have Beer Cheese Mac hidden in your freezer? I love the savory, super cheesy punch of this dish, highlighted by the pop of mustard seeds and the fresh scallions."
Murray’s Marketing – New York, NY
Pasta (Organic Durum Semolina Wheat Flour), Murray’S Cheese Blend (Milk, Salt, Cultures, Rennet), Mornay Sauce (Unsalted Butter, All-Purpose Flour, Onion, Garlic, Thyme, Bay Leaves, Ny White Cheddar, Mozzarella, Cayenne, Nutmeg), Whole Grain Mustard, Pilsner, Cream Cheese, Raclette, Gruyere, Scallion, Panko, Grated Domestic Parmesan
  • Our mac is shipped frozen from New York and carefully packaged to maintain peak freshness.
  • It should arrive cool to the touch. Re-freeze immediately upon arrival, or store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Just check out our easy reheating instructions and dig in.
  • Sfoglini’s textured radiatore noodles are the perfect shape for capturing the maximum amount of cheese.
  • Each expertly selected cheese brings something to the table: Gruyère lends an unbeatably savory flavor, raclette a perfect melt, and cream cheese a boost of creaminess.

Our mac ships frozen and should arrive cool to the touch. Re-freeze immediately upon arrival, or store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.


1. Pre-heat oven to 350°F. 

2. Remove plastic lid from container.

3. When oven is fully heated, place frozen mac on an oven-proof tray and bake uncovered for 50 minutes, rotating the mac halfway through the heating process. If your mac is fridge temp, we recommend heating it for 40 minutes.

4. Let cool for a few minutes and enjoy!

*Mac can be stored for up to 1 week in the refrigerator and up to 1 month in the freezer.

*Our mac containers are made from CPET, an oven-safe and recyclable material. We recommend not baking our containers above 375°F in order to prevent warping.

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