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Murray's Marinated Grilled Vegetables

$10.00 / 5.6 oz Cup
Murray's Marinated Grilled Vegetables
Murray's Marinated Grilled Vegetables
  • Greece

Broaden your antipasti horizons with Murray’s Marinated Grilled Vegetables. Bite-size pieces of red and yellow peppers, onion, and eggplant are grilled to smoky perfection. The balsamic vinegar marinade permeates the veggies, adding a bright tang and slight sweetness. This versatile mix is a taste of summer, whether spread on a sandwich with slices of Taleggio and Murray’s Genoa Salami, mixed into pasta salad and topped with burrata, or added to your cheese board.

“I use these grilled vegetables to elevate my antipasti board! Some marinated feta, gorgonzola, asiago, salami, and this versatile mix creates my favorite cocktail party plate.”
Murray's Merchandising - New York, NY
Red Peppers, Yellow Peppers, Eggplant, Onion, Balsamic Cream With Basil (Balsamic Vinegar [Wine Vinegar, Concentrated Grape Must], Concentrated Grape Must, Xanthan Gum [Stabilizer], Guar Gum [Stabilizer], Natural Basil Flavor), Sunflower Oil, White Wine Vinegar, Sea Salt, Spices
Family Owned
Non GMO, Vegan, Vegetarian

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