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Murray's Truffle Mousse Pate

murrays truffle mousse pate meats

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murrays truffle mousse pate meats
Murray's Truffle Mousse Pate
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  • Chicken
  • by Murray's Cheese
  • United States

Porcini mushrooms, black truffles, and sherry wine are combined with creamy, all-natural chicken livers to create the decadent Murray’s Truffle Mousse Pâté. Richly earthy, and spreadable, this mousse is topped with a layer of aspic jelly peppered with truffles that enhances its deep mushroom flavor. Try spreading this truffle pâté over a fresh baguette and top with Creminelli Tartufo Salami and Murray's Sundried Cherries for a sweet and savory bite.

“This spread is so special because it combines two decadent items: pâté and truffles. Pair this mousse with a crusty baguette. Tons of flavor is packed into this little truffle pâté so there’s no need to complicate it any further.”
Murray’s Education Team – New York, NY
Chicken Liver, Chicken Fat, Water, Eggs, Sherry Wine, Mushrooms, Salt, Cane Sugar, Nonfat Dry Milk, Truffles, Porcini Mushroom Powder, Dry Onions, Pepper. Aspic: Water, Gelatin, Vinegar, Brandy, Salt, Carrageenan.

Allergens: Eggs, Milk

  • Murray’s Truffle Mousse Pâté is made using a mixture of creamy chicken livers, porcini mushrooms, black truffles, and sherry wine.
  • Only all-natural, antibiotic-free, hormone-free chickens are used to create this pâté.
  • A thin aspic jelly layer, speckled with truffles, tops the mousse.
  • It’s rich and earthy, with strong mushroom notes.
  • Pâté comes from the French for “pie,” and is traditionally molded into a terrine, or loaf.
  • Pâté is easily spreadable, perfect to enjoy with freshly-baked bread or a crispy cracker.
  • Try scooping it directly from the container or gently unmold it by running a hot knife around the perimeter of the container before flipping it over to serve and enjoy on your favorite cheese board.
  • At Murray’s, we are cheese experts and enthusiasts who make, source, sell, and serve exceptional cheese and specialty foods nationwide.
  • The Murray’s Cheese branded product line comprises deliciously distinct, time-honored products made with the finest ingredients by passionate producers across the globe.
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