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Northwoods Apiaries Knotweed Honey

Northwoods Apiaries Knotweed Honey specialty foods
Northwoods Apiaries Knotweed Honey
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  • Raw
  • by Northwoods Apiaries
  • United States

Is it honey, or is it caramel? You might ask yourself that question when you dip your spoon into a jar of Northwoods Apiaries’ Knotweed Honey. It’s dark and viscous, with a deep dulce de leche sweetness—a totally unique way to up your honey game. Swap it in anywhere you’d use caramel, or pair with your favorite dark spirit in a cocktail. For a cheese board, serve with something savory and robust like Jasper Hill Farm Willoughby or Gorgonzola Mountain.

  • Northwoods Apiaries’ Knotweed Honey is made by bees that collect nectar from knotweed flowers
  • Knotweed is an invasive species in the buckwheat family that flowers at the end of summer, providing pollen to bees at a time when most other plants are past their flowering season.
  • While knotweed is in the buckwheat family, knotweed honey is not as intensely flavored as buckwheat honey.
  • This knotweed honey is raw, meaning that it has not been pasteurized or filtered. The small bits of pollen remaining in the honey can cause it to crystallize more quickly, but it’s just as delicious after crystallization.
  • It's a bit too thick to drizzle, with a texture more like dulce de leche than your typical honey.
  • The complex sweetness of knotweed honey makes it perfect to use anywhere you’d use caramel—on sundaes, waffles, or a seasonal apple tart.
  • With cheese, you can also lean into a “like with like” pairing—it's delicious with cheeses that have a pronounced caramel sweetness, like Roomano Extra Aged Gouda.
  • Located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Northwoods Apiaries harvests honey and beeswax from their hives.
  • They’ve been in the honey business for more than 20 years, producing a range of products from classic honeys to more complex varieties like knotweed and buckwheat.
  • Their beekeeping practices are expertly designed to produce high-quality honey and to preserve and protect the environment.
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