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Northwoods Apiaries Liquid Honey

$12.00 / 8 oz Jar
Northwoods Apiaries Liquid Honey specialty foods
Northwoods Apiaries Liquid Honey
  • Raw
  • by Northwoods Apiaries
  • United States

All hail the ultimate all-purpose honey. One that’s sweet but not one-note, with a bit of floral complexity; that’s smooth, silky, and pourable. That’s what you’ll find in the clear amber Liquid Honey from Northwoods Apiaries. Harvested from hives in Northern Vermont, this pantry staple is one you’ll keep around, for cheese boards, cocktails, oatmeal, tea, and anything in between. A drizzle over something tangy like Westfield Farm Capri or Victor’s Labne provides some sweet balance.

“A great workhorse honey that will go well with virtually any cheese! And because it doesn’t crystallize, it’s great for drizzling over soft creamy cheeses like Brillat Savarin.”
, Murray’s Wholesale – New York, NY
  • A good everyday honey should be sweet but also have some flavor complexity beyond that—Northwoods Apiaries’ Liquid Honey fits the bill.
  • This honey is easy to work with, as it remains liquid and pourable, so it’s perfect for drizzling over a delicate cheese like fresh chèvre.
  • There’s nothing this honey can’t do—spread it on biscuits or cornbread, make a simple syrup for your next old fashioned, or add it to your morning yogurt parfait.
  • Located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Northwoods Apiaries harvests honey and beeswax from their hives.
  • They’ve been in the honey business for more than 20 years, producing a range of products from classic honeys to more complex varieties like knotweed and buckwheat.
  • Their beekeeping practices are expertly designed to produce high-quality honey and to preserve and protect the environment.
Family Owned

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