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Nueske's Wild Cherrywood Smoked Bacon

$22.00 / 12 oz Pack
nueskes wild cherrywood smoked bacon meats
Nueske's Wild Cherrywood Smoked Bacon
  • Age: 1-2 Days
  • Pork
  • by Nueske
  • United States

The Nueske family crafts this classic bacon using a family recipe datin back to 1882. They make their Wild Cherrywood Smoked Bacon by smoking the meat for 24 hours over cherrywood logs, which infuses the meat with a ruch succulence, rustic flavor, and sweet tang. Perfect for breakfast with a side of eggs or on top of a burger, this mouthwatering bacon adds a savory touch to any dish. Try it with a drizzle of Crown Maple Syrup or on a sandwich with a melted slice of New York State White Cheddar.

“There's bacon and then there's Neuske's. To me, this exemplifies the true spirit of smoked meats, made in a process that's been perfected over the course of more than a century. This is my go-to bacon for any occasion, whether it’s with eggs, in a BLT, or braided over a juicy burger.”
Murray’s Ecommerce Team – New York, NY
Pork, Filtered Water, Sea Salt, Raw Sugar, Natural Flavor (Cultured Celery Juice).
  • Neuske’s smokes their bacon over wild cherrywood logs.
  • Cherrywood is often used for smoking meats because of its versatile properties, making it suitable for a number of types of meat.
  • This Wild Cherrywood Smoked Bacon is uncured and contains no artificial ingredients.
  • Nueske’s roots go back to northern Wisconsin in 1933, when R.C. Nueske started selling his smoked meats to friends, neighbors, and local stores.
  • It remains a family-run company today.
  • While their facilities have been modernized, Nueske’s still uses traditional recipes and methods—blending spices by hand and avoiding binders and fillers.
  • Their meats, including bacon, ham, and sausage, are smoked over applewood. 

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