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The Bacon Me Crazy Board

Inspired by our best-selling Bacon Me Crazy gift collection, this intensely mouthwatering cheese board is pile high with our top bacon selections and a handful of bright and spiced accompaniments. Featuring a trio of crispy, smoked bacon from some of the country’s best producers, this carnivore lover’s platter boasts three bold cheeses--a creamy blue, a crunchy cheddar, and a savory Alpine style cheese, plus a handful of pickled Brussels sprouts and a dollop of rich fig jam and some simple sea salt crackers.

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preparation & ingredients

1 ea. Nueske's Wild Cherrywood Smoked Bacon, 12 0z.

1 ea. Benton's Smoked Bacon, 16 0z.

1 ea. Surry Farm Hickory Bacon, 12 0z.

½ lb. Tickler Cheddar

½ lb. Colston Bassett Stilton

½ lb. Jasper Hill Farm Alpha Tolman

1 ea. Pacific Pickle Works Brussizzle Sprouts, 16 oz.

1 ea. Mitica Fig Jam 7 oz

1 ea. Onesto Sea Salt Crackers, 4 oz.


Cook all three bacon selections to desired crispness, about 20 minutes in the oven on high heat or on a stove top.
Fully chunk the Tickler Cheddar and slice the Alpha Tolman into long batonettes.


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