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Ortiz Anchovies

ortiz anchovies specialty foods

$23.00 / Jar
ortiz anchovies specialty foods
Ortiz Anchovies
  • Fish
  • by Ortiz
  • Spain

Anchovies caught fresh from the Cantabrian Sea off the coast of northern Spain are cured, de-boned, filleted, and jarred by hand to create Ortiz Anchovies. Since 1891, the Ortiz family has produced some of the world’s best anchovies, known for their dense flesh and bright, briny flavor. Play up the savory notes and try them as an appetizer alongside some Taleggio, Marcona Almonds, and Trois Petits Cochons Mini Toast.

“Anchovies are one of my favorite ingredients in the kitchen—they add saltiness, umami, and a briny complexity all at once. Ortiz has been jarring some of the highest quality anchovies from the coast of Spain for over a century, and they don’t disappoint. Combine Ortiz Anchovies with some garlic stuffed olives and Peppadews on a toothpick to make your own version of the classic Spanish dish, Pintxos Gilda.”
Murray’s Culinary – New York, NY
Ortiz Anchovies In Olive Oil Glass Jar

Allergens: Fish

  • Ortiz Anchovies are made using a traditional Spanish curing method to give them an intense, briny flavor.
  • Since 1891, the Ortiz family has specialized in cured anchovies.
  • Fish are caught off the coast of northern Spain in the Cantabrian Sea using large, rectangular purse seine nets.
  • The fish spend at least six months curing in traditional barrels before they are de-boned, filleted, and jarred by hand.
  • Since the late 19th century, Spain’s Conservas Ortiz has prided itself on producing the best fresh and preserved fish—including tuna and anchovies.
  • The company uses traditional fishing methods to ensure humane treatment, preserve the quality of the fish, and maintain the health of the oceans.
  • Tuna is individually line caught using fresh bait during the coastal fishing seasons, a selective and sustainable technique.
  • Anchovies are caught using purse seine nets before being cleaned, salted, and aged for six months.

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