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rollright cheese
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  • Pasteurized
  • Animal Rennet
  • Age: 3 Months
  • Cow Milk
  • by King Stone Dairy
  • England
  • Approachable
  • Soft

The rosy rind on this special British wheel isn't as pungent as your typical washed rind—instead, it imparts flavors of fresh butter, macadamia nuts, and sizzling bacon. Rollright is a taste of the English countryside, wrapped in spruce bark and crafted with milk from a herd that feeds on abundant clover and herbs. This oozy beauty was made for parties, whether you serve with Rustic Bakery Sweet Onion & Creme Fraiche Flatbread for dipping or top with Murray's Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves and bake.

“Rollright is perfect for parties because it’s a ready-made cheese dip! I love dipping carrots for crunch or bread for a heartier snack. You can also top with jam and bake in the oven for a true showstopper.”
Murray’s Merchandising – New York, NY
  • Rollright is inspired by Vacherin Mont d’Or, a spruce-wrapped cheese from Switzerland made with rich fall and winter cow’s milk.
  • Unlike Vacherin, Rollright is made year-round by King Stone Dairy in the Cotswolds region of England, using organic, single-herd cow’s milk.
  • It’s named for the nearby Rollright Stones, prehistoric monuments dating back to the Neolithic and Bronze ages.
  • The diverse flora found at Manor Farm, where the British Friesian and Dairy Shorthorn cows graze, contribute to the complexity and quality of the milk used to make this cheese.
  • The wheels are regularly washed in brine for three weeks of their three-month aging process, creating a mild funk and classic orange-tinged rind.
  • As the cheese ages, the spruce band contributes notes of pine and smoky bacon to the velvety paste.
  • Neal’s Yard Dairy visits King Stone Dairy weekly to choose their ideal batches of Rollright. When the cheese arrives at NYD, they place it in one of their cooler aging rooms until it reaches peak ripeness.
  • Rollright is a larger-format wheel than Vacherin Mont d’Or, so you’ll receive a wedge of cheese instead of a whole wheel.
  • Founded in 2019, King Stone Dairy is a creamery making French-inspired cheeses in the Cotswolds region of Southwest England.
  • The creamery is helmed by David Jowett, a cheese expert who interned at Neal’s Yard Dairy and various cheesemakers throughout Europe and the United States, including Jasper Hill.
  • King Stone is located at Manor Farm, a dairy farm using regenerative agriculture in their production of the flavorful single-herd cow’s milk used for cheesemaking.
  • The creamery is less than a mile from the milking parlor, and the fresh milk is collected and brought over every morning.
  • King Stone produces Rollright, a new English classic, as well as a variety of other high-quality, handmade cheeses.

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