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V Smiley Preserves Cherry Rosehip Hibiscus Honey Jam

v smiley preserves cherry rosehip hibiscus honey jam specialty foods

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v smiley preserves cherry rosehip hibiscus honey jam specialty foods
V Smiley Preserves Cherry Rosehip Hibiscus Honey Jam
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  • by V Smiley Preserves
  • United States

V Smiley Preserves Cherry Rosehip Hibiscus Honey Jam is a floral, fruity jam with a balanced profile. The blend of ripe cherries, apples, rosehips, hibiscus flower, and honey is naturally sweetened with lemon juice, giving the jam a bright, tart, and gently herbaceous profile with undertones of vanilla and stone fruit. Mild and delicate, this unique jam is perfect with buttery bloomy cheeses like Murray’s La Tur or Cremeux de Bourgogne.

“I'm in love with this jam. It's floral without being overpowering, and has the perfect blend of sweet fruit notes and a gentle herbal essence. Personally, I like it spread over a fresh biscuit with a dollop of butter, but it's also an incredible pairing with bright, soft goat cheeses or even a crunchy cheddar.”
Murray’s Marketing – New York, NY
Cherry, Honey, Apple, Lemon Juice, Rosehips, Hibiscus, Almond Extract

Allergens: Tree Nuts

  • V Smiley makes artisanal jams using all natural ingredients harvested at the height of their season, and uses lemon juice and honey as natural sweeteners. Most V Smiley jams are less sweet than commercial selections.
  • Rosehips are the fruit that grow on rose plants after the flowers have been pollinated.
  • Hibiscus is a flower commonly used in tea and sometimes cocktails or desserts. It has a tart, floral essence.
  • The balance of tartness and sweetness with the bright fruit flavors of the jam allow for a variety of cheese pairings, from creamy goat’s milk to rich Alpines.
  • This jam also works well in cooking applications, such as salad dressings and meat glazes.
  •  V Smiley Preserves is a New Haven, VT operation named for founder V.
  • V began making jams while working as a line cook in Seattle, then returned home to the farm in Vermont she grew up on and began revitalizing the land--now referred to as Lil To Do Farm--to produce fresh fruit.
  • Along with her partner Amy and her mother Susan, she began to craft homemade jams and preserves using the farm’s offerings and local honey as a natural sweetener. 
  • V Smiley Preserves includes a wide array of uniquely flavored fruit jams and preserves that are all highly seasonal, as they’re crafted using what’s currently ripe or in bloom at the time.
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