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Cavemaster Reserve Greensward Special Edition

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Back in 2011, Murray's and the Cellars at Jasper Hill embarked on a top secret mission to create an exclusive cheese for Eleven Madison Park's ‘Iconic New York’ menu. The result was Greensward, a spectacular pasteurized cow's milk cheese that the American Cheese Society crowned as the best washed-rind cheese in the country.

We are now proud to bring you this Special Edition version of our Cavemaster favorite. When alcohol ferments, it produces residual sediment known as lees. We've taken the lees from Eden's Cidery in Vermont and used them to wash this particular batch of Greensward. The result: an extra-yeasty punch, an extra-bacony kick, and a deeper, funkier flavor all-around. You can still expect that same silky, spoonable texture that you know from the flagship version.

Why the name Greensward? Before Central Park became an oasis of greenery within the concrete jungle of New York City, it was referred to as the “Greensward Plan,” an innovative vision that distilled aesthetic balance from lush landscape and urban development. Greensward was the code word for a harmonious, scenic place that was free to all citizens. We created this cheese to have a similar effect on the palate: like an amble through the Sheep Meadow, it’s a portal to immediate pastoral bliss.

Just the Facts

United States
New York
Milk Type
Rennet Type
1 month
10 oz

The hands that wash the cheese may change, but the title remains the same - Cavemaster. Since the inception of the caves beneath Bleecker Street at Murray's, we've had an expert aboard whose sole purpose is to tend to the hundreds of cheeses lurking below the store. And every now and again, they'll create an entirely new cheese; either by washing, aging or coating, the result always impresses.