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Surry Farm Hickory Bacon 12 oz

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Slow smoked over hickory wood to create a succulent, hearty flavor, this country bacon is guaranteed to be the star of your breakfast spread. Hailing from Edwards Virginia Smokehouse, this hand-crafted treat is made from the finest, premium lean pork to create a mouthwatering bacon with a gently smoky essence and notes of sweet maple. Pair some of these sizzling slices with fried eggs and a few chunks of cheddar for an addictively delicious brunch bite, or enjoy this crunchy snack with a glass of bourbon. With over 90 years of serving up quality cured meats, the Edwards Virginia Smokehouse operation started when its founder, S. Wallace Edwards, began selling ham sandwiches on the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry. Add this savory selection to your next gathering, Surry Farm Sliced Surryano Ham.

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Just the Facts

United States
Virginia, Mid-Atlantic
12 oz