Monger Madness

March is here, which means it’s time for Monger Madness! We asked some of our best cheese experts to put together one mouthwatering bite with three Murray’s ingredients, so follow us as we taste through and eliminate each bite until there’s one monger left standing. May the best bite win!

The Classic Crunch

Monger David Reiss takes three iconic Murray’s products and combines them to create one flavor-packed bite full of satisfying texture. The smooth, nutty firmness of Annelies is complemented by a sweet addition of bright Cherry Confit, completed by the savory, salty crunch of Pipcorn Truffle Popcorn.

David Reiss

David, one of the head mongers at Grand Central, is an incredibly creative member of the team, always coming up with new and interesting ways to attract customers and new ways to bring out flavors in cheese.


The Italian Picnic

Take your taste buds on a sun-soaked vacation with Adam Thompson’s original bite. He’s taken a crunchy Trois Petit Mini Toast and piled it high with fudgy, earthy Taleggio and a dollop of Marinated Sun Dried Tomato—a delightful mix of textures that combine to create one fresh and flavorful mouthful.

Adam Thompson

Bleecker monger Adam is a fast-thinking New Yorker who works hard and plays hard. He loves to make people happy and goes out of his way to create a remarkable experience behind the counter.

The Bright Blossom

This sweet floral mouthful from Amanda Byers captures flavor in bloom with a bite of Alp Blossom, a firm, savory cheese coated in Austrian flora, nestled onto a crunchy and fruity Raincoast Cranberry and Hazelnut Crisp. To top it off? A drizzle of Red Bee Honeycomb for some herbal loving.

Amanda Byers

Amanda, a monger at Grand Central, is bold and brave when it comes to pairs. She's willing to try anything to see what makes our cheeses, meats, and grocery items stand out.


The Spice Wrap

From monger Cristina Oravec, this savory bite has a hot surprise. She’s wrapped a slice of light, supple Pecorino Fresco in a ribbon of velvety smooth Prosciutto San Daniele. The kicker? A drizzle of Blank Slate Szechuan Chili Oil for just a hint of heat to make this melt-in-your mouth wrap stand out.

Cristina Oravec

Cristina is Bleecker’s kind-hearted Head Monger who welcomes customers to the cheese counter like it’s her home. She goes above and beyond for every palate and customizes experience.

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