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Paella Meal Starter Kit

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Socarrat: it’s the Spanish term for the most prized part of a paella, that crispy, caramelized crust of rice that forms on during the cooking process. Achieving this benchmark requires the right pan, the right rice, and the right tools. And that’s exactly what we’ve put together here. Socorrat is just the base for a fluffy layer of spanish rice seasoned with a Paella-specific spice mixtures, and topped with a bounty of cured serrano ham, meaty andouille sausage, and premium tinned seafood. The paella collection has everything you need to whip up a savory, satisfying, sophisticated paella with perfect socarrat. Your ideal meal awaits.

The Crowd Pleaser includes: 
SHORT-GRAIN Matiz Espana Paella Rice
BALANCED Rumi Spice Paella Saffron Spice Blend
ESSENTIAL Matiz Paella Pan
BRINY Matiz Cockles In Brine
MEATY Matiz Octopus in EVOO
CAJUN Brooklyn Cured Andouille 12oz
• RICH Redondo Iglesias Jamón Serrano Gran Reserva 

The Paella Meal Starter Kit serves 6 friends or family.

Click Here for the Paella Meal Starter Kit Recipe 

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