Parmigiano & Pecorino

All hail the Grate King. Yes, Parmigiano Reggiano is known in Italy as the King of Cheese, where it is so revered that banks accept wheels as collateral for loans. Parmigiano Reggiano production is regulated by a coalition called The Consortium, ensuring that the cheese remains high quality and adheres to its PDO status. This is what sets it apart from parmesan, which is not standardized and is therefore free to come powdered up in a can. Whereas Parmigiano Reggiano is always made with cow’s milk, Pecorino Romano is always made of sheep’s milk. Both grate beautifully and have a deep, fruity, nutty flavor with a firm texture that’s full of those crunchy little tyrosine crystals. It just doesn’t get much grater.

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Murray's Parmigiano Reggiano
Fulvi® Pecorino Romano
Grana Padano Oro 20 Month
White Truffle Moliterno
Murray's Pecorino Tartufello
Moliterno Al Tartufo
Pecorino Oro Antico
Parmigiano Reggiano 5 Years
Solo Di Bruna Parmigiano Reggiano
Pecorino Foglie Di Noce
Pecorino Fresco
Piave Vecchio