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Pralus Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Infernal Bar 160 Gr


If you’ve ever scooped Nutella out of the jar, you’ll want to get your hands on this hazelnut milk chocolate delight from Francois Pralus. As one of the first chocolate makers to roast his own cacao beans, Pralus is known for his dedication to pure and incomparable flavor, and sources his cacao beans from over a dozen regions across the globe, namely tropical destinations in Southeast Asia. Just break open one of these diabolically delicious bars for a bite of smooth, creamy praline and crunchy hazelnuts encased in a thick layer of milk chocolate.

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Just the Facts

Rhone-Alpe Auvergne
160 g

Francois Pralus, one of three "Maîtres chocolatiers" in all of France, makes his own chocolates in Roanne, using directly imported cocoa beans from the best global producers.