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The Bijou for Two Cheese Board by Vermont Creamery

Need to whip up a cheese board in a hurry? This simple and elegant platter from Vermont Creamery is your new go-to. Featuring two rounds of creamy Bijou, a handful of silky prosciutto, and a side of crisp crackers and salty chocolate-covered almonds, it’s an easy crowd-pleaser that’s ideal for all seasons. Bijou, one of Vermont Creamery’s most beloved award-winning cheeses, is a bright little button of sweet cream that pairs well with light charcuterie and chocolate, as well as fresh jam and berries.

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preparation & ingredients

2 ea. Vermont Creamery Bijou, 4 oz.

1 ea. Murray’s Prosciutto di Parma, 3 oz.

1 ea. Firehook Sea Salt Crackers, 5.5 oz.

1 ea. Piedras de Chocolate, 6 oz.


Remove cheese from refrigerator for up to one hour prior to serving
Cut small wedges out of the rounds of Bijou.


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