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The Light & Bright Spring Cheese Board

Dive into spring flavor with this original board dedicated to all things light, bright, floral, and fresh! We’ve rounded up three creamy, snackable cheeses and paired them with a wildflower honey, smoky strawberry jam, fresh fruits, and buttery biscuits. For cheese, we selected caramel-like Young Goat Gouda, our own Cave Aged Reserve Mistoa, which has a milky, grassy profile, and Blakesville Creamery Afterglow—a wrinkled round of velvety, tangy goat’s milk cheese. Whether you’re having a picnic in the backyard or serving up Sunday brunch, this spread is perfect with mimosas or lemonade.

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preparation & ingredients

1/2 lb Young Goat Gouda

1/2 lb Murray’s Cave Aged Reserve Mistoa

5 oz Blakesville Creamery Afterglow

8.8 oz. Mieli Thun Millefiori Wildflower Honey, 8.8 oz.

9 oz. Trade Street Strawberry Fig Chipotle Jam

4 oz. Onesto Sea Salt Crackers

4 oz. Rustic Bakery Meyer Lemon Shortbread


Cherry Tomatoes


Triangle slice the Young Goat Gouda.
Split the Mistoa into two even wedges.


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