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Crumbly Cheese

Serving crumbly cheese like Parmigiano Reggiano doesn’t have to be a challenge. We'll guide you through coaxing the perfect crumbles that'll look and taste great.

With firm, crumbly cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano and certain Cheddars, the best approach is chunking off small pieces from the cheese block to create uneven, textured crumbles.


Start by placing the cheese wedge or block on the side that's large and flat.


Hold the cheese firmly with one hand. Insert your knife into the cheese vertically with the pointed side down (perpendicular to the cutting board) near the edge or tip of the cheese. Only insert your knife in part of the way—you don't want to go all the way through to the cutting board.


Wiggle the knife until a large crumble pulls away.


Repeat along the edge of the cheese until you get the desired amount.