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Salami & Pâté

We'll show you how to present thinly sliced meats like salami and how to separate pâté from its container so it can be easily sliced.

With thinly sliced meats like salami, just a few simple folds can turn them into flower-like accompaniments.


Fold a piece of sliced salami in half along its diameter to create a half moon shape.


Fold the piece again along the center to create small rosettes.

We always recommend slicing a salami chub into coin-like slices before serving to guests or styling on a charcuterie board.


Select a sharp knife for optimal cutting. Place the salami on a cutting board and grip with one hand.


On an angle or straight, cut thin 1/4-in coins of salami for easy serving.

The trick with pâté is to gently separate the mousse from the container so it can be easily sliced.


Slide a knife around each edge of the pâté to separate it from the container.


Tip the container over onto your desired surface and gently tap it to slide the pâté out.


Make thin perpendicular cuts in the pâté to create even-sized rectangles with a piece of jelly on each.