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Guinness Affogato with Cheese Pairings

If you love a classic root beer float, this rich chocolatey cocktail is for you. We’ve substituted root beer for one of the most dessert-like beers out there: Guinness, an Irish stout that has notes of espresso and dark chocolate. To bring out those delectable undertones, we’re combining it with hot espresso, ice cream, and chocolate syrup, and serving up a range of cheese pairings that include a traditional Irish selection, a licorice-flavored blue, and a sweet, creamy button

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preparation & ingredients

6 scoops Ice cream

2 oz Hot espresso

9 oz. Guinness stout

Chocolate syrup to garnish

1/2 lb. Arethusa Farm & Dairy Arethusa Blue

1 Vermont Creamery Bijou, 4 oz.

1/2 lb Murray’s Irish Cheddar

Place a scoop of ice cream in the bottom of two pint or Collins glasses
Pour a bit of the Guinness over top each, following with another scoop of ice cream.
Repeat this alternating pattern using all six scoops.
Pour the hot espresso over each and top with a drizzle of the chocolate syrup.
Serve the Bijou whole.
Slice the Irish Cheddar into square or rectangular blocks.
Crumble the Arethusa Blue.

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