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Potato Galette

The potato galette is like a rustic French lasagna. Layer thinly sliced potatoes with supremely meltable Maroilles, over and over again, and then cook on low heat until gooey and crisp. It doesn’t get much simpler, and it doesn’t get much more delicious.

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preparation & ingredients

4 russet potatoes

2 tbsp salt

1/4 bunch fresh thyme, stems removed

1/2 tsp ground black pepper

1/2 lb. Maroilles (or Petit Prefere de nos Montagnes), diced small

1 stick Butter

Slice the potatoes as thin as possible using a mandolin. With a pastry brush, spread coat the bottom of a 9” heavy-bottomed pan with melted butter. Place the potato slices in a layered pattern, then season with salt, brush with more butter, and add a couple of tablespoons of the diced cheese. Continue this layering in the pan until all the potatoes are used. Reserve about 3 tablespoons of Maroilles to put on top of the tart.
Over medium-low heat, begin cooking the galette. Once you begin to smell the potatoes (after about 8 minutes) and see steam rising from the bottom, give the pan a shake to ensure the potatoes aren’t sticking. Using another pan of the same size, cover the galette and until the potatoes are almost cooked through, about 15 minutes.
Once the potatoes are mostly cooked through, brush some more butter onto the bottom of the pan that you used as a cover, then flip the galette on to this pan. Continue to cook the galette over medium-low heat until the other side begins to brown, about another 10 minutes.
Garnish the galette with the remaining cheese and thyme leaves. Enjoy!

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