Entube.la Harissa 100g

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Harissa is a staple spice blend from North Africa with a LA-twist, reinventing the hot sauce to include all-natural ingredients. Flavorful heat comes from paprika and cayenne, adding more depth than traditional hot sauce spices. Harissa features a robust and complex heat, as well as garlicky sweetness and umami flavors. This spicy blend has intense flavor that stimulates the tastebuds. With this aromatic paste, you can elevate your next culinary venture. This harissa conveniently comes in a tube, and a little squeeze is all you need. Whether you’re a home cook or an aspiring chef, harissa is easy to use and the results are impressive. Add to your eggs, marinate your meat with it, or just spread on top a burger – the flavor is waiting to add a kick to your next meal.

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