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Mitica® Acacia Honey

mitica acacia honey specialty foods

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mitica acacia honey specialty foods
Mitica® Acacia Honey
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  • Age: 48 Months
  • by Mitica®
  • Italy

Made in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, Mitica® Acacia Honey is pure in its sweetness—it’s not filtered or pasteurized in any way. It’s a single varietal honey, meaning bees produce this honey by collecting nectar from just a single kind of flower: the Black Locust. This honey is a delicately floral representation of its native northern Italian terroir, and it’s perfect for drizzling over Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor and Charlito's Cocina Salami Picante Sliced.

“If you're not sure what honey to pair with your cheese, try this one. It's light, it stays pourable without crystallizing, and it goes with basically everything. I like it drizzled over Italian cheeses that have a bit of bite to them, like Pecorino Oro Antico, Solo di Bruna Parmigiano, or Gorgonzola. Add some Rustic Bakery crackers and you have a balanced snack.”
Murray’s Customer Experience – New York, NY
Acacia Honey
  • Mitica® Acacia Honey is a single varietal honey, made by bees that collect nectar from just one kind of flower: the blossoms of the Robinia pseudoacacia, otherwise known as the Black Locust.
  • This flower gives the honey a delicate floral taste, and it is one of the most popular and sweetest honey varieties.
  • It’s neither pasteurized nor filtered, meaning it can vary in flavor, texture, and color.
  • The honey is less likely to crystallize because of its high fructose content.
  • The farm that produces Mitica® Acacia Honey began collecting honey over two decades ago.
  • They maintain approximately 400 hives and follow a nomadic beekeeping method.
  • This means their bees are brought to different locations in order to gather nectar in effort to obtain the purest, clearest acacia honey.
  • From the Spanish word for mythical, Mitica is a gourmet food importer that offers the best of the best from Spain and the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Regional delicacies, like marcona almonds, membrillo, and crispy tortas, are carefully curated by the company’s product experts.
  • Based in Long Island, New York, Mitica is part of the specialty food company Forever Cheese, founded by Michele Buster and Pierluigi Sini.
  • Forever Cheese was created in 1998 to share Sini’s renowned family cheeses with a U.S. audience.
  • The duo originally offered Italian cheeses before moving into Spanish, Portuguese, and even Croatian cheese.
  • It wasn’t long before they were also adding other charcuterie staples, like prosciutto and fruit spreads, to the fold

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