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Murray's Membrillo

$8.00 / 8.8oz Brick
murrays membrillo specialty foods
Murray's Membrillo
  • by Murray's Cheese
  • Spain

Murray’s Membrillo is made from the quince fruit, hence why it’s also known as quince paste. Raw quince is too sour to eat, but when cooked down and combined with sugar and lemon juice, it creates a sweet, tangy paste that naturally thickens due to quince’s high pectin content. Membrillo has roots in the Middle East and was eventually brought to western Europe during the Roman Empire. Murray’s Membrillo hails from Malaga, Spain and adds some punchy sweetness to Murray's 1 Year Manchego and Fermin Chorizo Iberico.

“Like candy for grown-ups, our Membrillo is a sweet and slightly tart quince paste. It melts in your mouth, and I like to pair it with our Rosemary Marcona Almonds and our 1 Year Manchego to create the perfect bite. The bright red jewel color is a standout on any cheese board--have fun with different shapes of cutters to create fun designs.”
Murray’s Cheesemonger – New York, NY
Quince Pulp, Sugar.
  • Murray’s Membrillo is made from the quince fruit, and is also known as quince paste.
  • Quince falls in the same family as pears and apples, but it’s basically inedible when raw because it is so sour.
  • Quince has a high pectin content, and forms a thick paste when cooked down.
  • Its flesh is white when raw, but turns a beautiful maroon when cooked.
  • The fruit is combined with lemon juice and sugar or honey during the cooking process to balance out its sour flavor.
  • Quince paste has roots in the Middle East and was eventually brought west by the Roman empire.
  • The first record of English marmalade was made using quince fruit.
  • In fact, the word “marmalade” stems from the Portuguese word for quince fruit: marmelo.
  • The producer behind Murray’s Membrillo has made the paste since 1912.
  • It can be enjoyed with almost any cheese, but its commonly paired with Manchego.
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