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Treat Spiced Pecans

Treat Spiced Pecans specialty foods
Treat Spiced Pecans
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  • by Treat Hand Made
  • United States

You don’t have to choose a whole array of sweet, salty, and spicy pairings for your next cheese board—Treat Spiced Pecans have it all. Made with premium pecans sourced from family farms, these crunchy, snackable nuts are a fully balanced bite. The sweet nuttiness of pecans is enhanced by a candied shell flecked with salt and spices. A pleasant, peppery kick to finish. You’ll keep reaching for another between bites of equally sweet and nutty Murray's 18 Month Aged Comté.

“As a Texan, I'm picky about my pecans, but I’m all about these spiced and slightly sweet pecans. I like to use them on a board with slices of smooth Alpine cheese and a creamy blue.”
Murray’s Buying – New York, NY
Pecans, Cane Sugar, Salt, Spices

Allergens: Tree Nuts

  • Treat Spiced Pecans are perfect as an accompaniment on a cheese board, paired with Jasper Hill Farm Alpha Tolman, Gorgonzola Cremificato, and Bucheron.
  • They can also be used in other culinary applications—as a sweet, crunchy element in a green salad or a topping for ice cream sundaes.
  • Treat products are made by the Quince & Apple Company, a Wisconsin-based artisan food business run by husband and wife team Matt and Clare.
  • Their spiced nuts are hand-crafted and made in small batches.
  • The Quince & Apple Company also makes preserves, pickles, and syrups, with a focus on producing not-too-sweet products that work well on cheese boards and in cocktails.
Family Owned
Gluten Free, Non GMO, Vegan

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