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Red Bear Holy Cow! Beef Salami 6oz


In Eastern Europe, there is a style of beef dry salami called evreyskaya that's so revered it is often reserved for holidays and momentous occasions. It's all beef, seasoned simply with garlic and black pepper. There are no secret ingredients to hide behind—what makes the sausage stand out is its purity. And Red Bear's version is so good that they've called it Holy Cow, named for the proper response to tasting it.

Red Bear is based in Chicago, Illinois, and all their meats are farm-raised, hand-trimmed, and crafted in small batches. There's no fillers, there's no hormones, there's no nitrates or nitrites"”just good, clean meat. When it comes to purity and quality, Red Bear bares the gold standard. Try this producer's other savory salami, Red Bear Tipsy Cow Beef & Brandy Dry Salami.

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Just the Facts

United States
Illinois , Midwest
6 oz