monthly clubs

Monthly Clubs

Get the best from behind our counter delivered straight to your door! Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a foodie friend, Murray’s Monthly Clubs are the best way to stay up to date on our best products and get your cheese fix once a month for 4, 6, or 12 months. Choose a traditional package with our Cheese of the Month Club, a tasty combo with our Meat and Cheese of the Month Club, or a sweet duo with our Pair of the Month Club. Each Monthly Club delivery also includes a detailed guide to the products included, with descriptions of origin and flavor, along with beverage pairings for each.

When you subscribe, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a welcome letter (which can be printed or forwarded if you’re sending a gift), which will provide you with an overview of the Monthly Clubs program and information about the incredible deliveries you’ll be receiving. Your first Monthly Club installment will ship the month following the date of subscription--for example, if you sign up in January, your first delivery will be the February Monthly Club.

Plus, Shipping is FREE on all of Murray's Monthly Club deliveries!

Prices Start:
$275.00 Pre-pay 4-Month Subscription
$75.00 Month-to-Month Subscription

Prices Start:
$300.00 Pre-pay 4-Month Subscription
80.00 Month-to-Month Subscription

Pair of the Month

Prices Start:
$200.00 Pre-pay 4-Month Subscription
$60.00 Month-to-Month Subscription

How It Works

When it comes to gourmet gifting, Murray’s stands out from the crowd--our Monthly Clubs are chosen from the highest quality selections from the best international and domestic producers, and hand-picked at peak freshness. From the most delectable cheddars and triple creams to the brightest goat cheeses and most savory washed rind wheels, we’re at the top of the cheese delivery game.
Like the talented cheesemongers behind our store counters, our in-house Murray’s experts know exactly which cheeses have been aged to their peak flavor each month. After careful consideration and tasting, 3-4 of our best cheeses are chosen and ultimately paired with our top meats of the moment and one sweet or savory accompaniment. Whether you’re the lucky recipient of our Cheese of the Month, Meat and Cheese of the Month, Pair of the Month, or all three, rest assured that each of our selections was specifically chosen for their outstanding flavor, wrapped individually in our special cheese paper, and packaged with care.
With the exception of our Month-to-Month subscriptions, all of our Monthly Club subscriptions are prepaid at the time of purchase. When the order is put through on our site, the full amount, respective to the selection of a 4, 6, or 12-month subscription, is billed up front to the payment method selected. For the Month-to-Month subscription, credit card billing occurs when the initial purchase is made and on the second Thursday of every month of the subscription. Subscription cancellations are always applied to the following month's shipment and must be made by the end of the current month.
Here’s how we deliver: Monthly Club packages are shipped via FedEx Standard Overnight to guarantee timely delivery of the delicious but perishable goods inside. Cheese of the Month is shipped out on the second Wednesday of every month for arrival the next day, the second Thursday of the month. The Cheese and Meat of the Month and Pair of the Month are shipped a week later, on the third Wednesday of every month for arrival the following day, the third Thursday of the month. Be advised that we cannot ship to P.O. boxes, so please provide a valid business or residence address upon subscribing. If for some reason, you are unable to receive your Monthly Club shipment or have an issue with delivery, please contact us at 1-888-MY-CHEEZ Ext. 7 or orders@murrayscheese.combetween the hours of 9am-6pm EST on weekdays.
Congratulations, you’ve signed up for a Murray’s Monthly Club--now what? First, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your subscription. With the confirmation, you’ll also receive an official Welcome Letter detailing everything you need to know about the Club you’ve chosen and how our Murray’s experts hand-pick each month’s selection.



Great Taste by Murray’s

Want to take your Monthly Club delivery to the next level? Elevate your selections of cheeses, meats, and accompaniments with Great Taste by Murray’s, our exclusive recipe hub featuring dishes created by our Executive Chef David Elkins and collaborations with renowned NYC restaurants. From cheesy classics like mac n’ cheese and baked brie to gourmet salads, pastas, and desserts, we’ve got a whole host of recipes waiting for you.

Cheese Boards By Murray's

At Murray’s, we know how to make great cheese stand out. Cheese Boards by Murray’s is your comprehensive guide to cutting, plating, and serving our cheeses like a pro. Want to know how to build the perfect charcuterie platter for every occasion? Our step-by-step instructions will help you make the most of your monthly deliveries, taking you from blank board to cheese masterpiece in just minutes, no matter your skill level or price point.