Pico Picandine 125 Gr

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Your cheesological French grandmother: traditional, diminutive, and adorably wrinkled. Pico could be likened to a more petite goat’s milk Camembert, but its flavor is all its own- aroma of freshly hayed barn floor alongside a deep minerality and delicate goaty tang, all wrapped up in butter and mushroom richness. Cheesemakers in Aquitaine gently pasteurize goat’s milk and ladle it into miniature cheese forms typical of the French countryside. Within a few weeks, an elegantly creased rind has begun to form, reminiscent of powdered doughnuts or greenmarket mushrooms. We then age that rind further in our caves, teasing out notes of wet stone and forest floor- a rich earthiness that never overwhelms the creamy paste. Try it with a fruity, yeasty Champagne for flavor harmony that is sure to please.

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Just the Facts

Milk Type
Rennet Type
1-2 months
4.41 oz

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