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Calabro Ricotta Di Bufala Basket 4oz

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Think you love ricotta? You haven’t tasted anything like this before. With the texture of clotted cream and the aroma of sourdough bread with butter, this sweet and luxurious cheese is one incredible delicacy. Made from a combination of the whey from Mozzarella di Bufala and water buffalo’s milk, this version of the Italian classic has nearly double the fat content of cheese made from cows, giving it an intensely creamy consistency and mouthwatering decadence, and of course, that cottage cheese texture that makes it perfect for desserts. With notes of caramel and cooked milk, this delectable creation has the cool freshness of homemade whipped cream—ideal for cheesecakes and cannoli, this light-as-air treat is the ideal companion to a glass of bubbly.

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United States
Connecticut, Northeast
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Rennet Type
1 Day
4 oz