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Meet the cheeses that come straight from our caves—how they’re made, what makes them unique, and why we think they deserve the special Cavemaster treatment. Our specific designations are used to identify the four different categories of our cave cheeses, including those that come to us from other producers, or those created in collaboration with other companies and brands whose products and values we admire.
Cavemaster Reserve
A line of premium, new cheeses developed by Murray’s Caves Team, typically in collaboration with some of our favorite cheesemakers. Through careful research and lots of tasting, Murray’s Caves Team develops proprietary affinage techniques for each cheese which change the course of the cheeses’ development entirely. These cheeses are unique and only available at Murray’s.

Cave Aged
Most of what we do in the caves on a daily basis is focused on aging our Cavemaster Reserve and Cave Aged cheeses – which make up about 95% of the cheese in our caves. However, that other 5% of cheese is a space of constant innovation and experimentation. These innovative experiments sometimes result in very delicious, truly unique, cheese available in limited supply, once and only once.
Cave Aged
Cheeses in the Cave Aged category are brought in from cheesemakers around the world, and aged in our caves in a manner that replicates the treatment they would have received from their original producer. Murray’s role in this type of affinage is to respect traditional methods, and release classic cheeses at their peak ripeness. This category is primarily populated by delicate bloomy rind cheeses who don’t fare well in transport, and flourish in our caves.

Cavemaster Special Edition
Special Edition cheeses are essentially collaborative remixes on classic Cavemaster Reserve Cheeses. For example, we take something like Greensward, collaborate with a cool new microbrewery, or an inspiring whisky distiller, and incorporate their unique product into the affinage on a specific batch of cheese. Similar to Cavemaster Labs cheeses, these are unique releases that you’ll want to get before they are gone.
La Dolce Vita

These cheeses are born from the minds of the Murray’s experts and are taken on a journey through make, treatment, and affinage, until they reach our counters. Often through working in collaboration with New York’s top dairy scientists and local creameries, we develop brand new cheeses from original recipes, crafted by our team, and have a hand in their entire process through the final step of cave aging in our facilities.

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