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Brooklyn Cured Sliced Bresaola 3oz


Hailing originally from a valley in the Italian Alps, this succulent style of charcuterie is traditionally air-dried, salted beef that is notably distinct from its hearty counterparts with its deep red, almost purple hue and sweet tang. Brooklyn Cured, the mastermind behind this thin-sliced bresaola, has been creating renowned small-batch charcuterie since 2010. Inspired by Brooklyn's rich history and diverse culture, Brooklyn Cured developed their line of smoked meats, sausages, salumi, and more through the expertise of founder Scott Bridi. Seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, this delicate delight is similar to a robust prosciutto, with a mouthwatering tenderness and rich flavor. Fold a few slices onto a toasted roll and pair with your favorite mustard and some crunchy cornichons for a simple snack bursting with gourmet savor.

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3 oz