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If Stilton’s always on your cheeseboard, give this outstanding raw milk version a try. Before it became a name-protected product, Stilton was made with both pasteurized and raw milk, so Joe Schnieder created Stichelton in 2006 to revive the raw milk tradition. It has more spicy sweetness than Stilton, with a creaminess that spreads across the palate. Meaty notes mingle with a nutty, caramel-tinged flavor, and the piquancy grows more intense closer to the rind. Bring some crunch to this creamy selection by pairing it with Raincoast Crisps Oat Crisps.

Unless noted otherwise, Murray's cheeses sold by the pound ship in multiple 0.5 lb increments. To request a whole wheel, please contact the Murray's team at at least 72 hours prior to your desired ship date.

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  • Riesling

    This food-friendly wine ranges from super sweet to quite dry. Acidity, minerality, and aromas of tropical fruit are almost always present.

    Dry: Characterized by bracing acidity and stark minerality. Tropical fruit on the nose, stunningly balanced flavor overall.
    Pair with: This versatile wine works equally well with a fresh chevre (bringing out acidity) as it does a stinker like Willoughby (playing up the sweet/salty contrast).

    Sweet: The other end of the spectrum offers a cloyingly sweet, syrupy wine. Aromas of ripe peaches and tropical fruit dominate, along with floral, perfumed accents.
    Pair with: With something this strong it’s best to contrast the sweetness with something funky or salty: A pungent washed rind like Grayson or a punchy blue like Bleu du Bocage.