Board: The Holiday Feast Deluxe Board

The Holiday Feast Deluxe Board

A decadent spread of cheese and cheer
The Holiday Feast Deluxe Board
If this board doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit, we don’t know what will! Inspired by our collection, The Holiday Feast Deluxe, it’s an expertly-curated spread of some of our favorite seasonal items and a whole lot of original flavor. Created with hosting and entertaining in mind, it’s packed with our most luxurious and crowd-pleasing cheeses and snacks, like Murray’s Stilton, Selles-Sur-Cher, Prosciutto di Parma, Castelvetrano olives, and more. With the perfect balance of decadent bites and fan-favorite selections, it’s impossible to go wrong with this deluxe party platter.
  • Prep Time : 15 min
  • Assembly Time : 15 min.
  • Total Time : 30 min.
  • Serves: 4-6


  • Fresh figs
  • Greens or herbs


  1. Remove cheeses from fridge one hour before serving.
  2. Cut the Selles-Sur-Cher into wedges.
  3. Slice the Gruyère into long rectangular pieces.
  4. Chunk the Stilton.


  • Place an empty jar in the center of a round board or plate.
  • In curved triangles, like a pinwheel shape, create neat piles of the Selles-Sur-Cher, Murray’s Stilton, and Gruyère at the 12-1 o’clock, 4-5 o’clock, and 8-9 o’clock positions, respectively, with the triangle shape pointing inward.
  • Create similar triangles of charcuterie, placing the soppressata slices in a pile at the 6-7 o’clock position, and the prosciutto at the 10-11 o’clock position.
  • Fill the spaces in between the Selles-Sur-Cher and the prosciutto and the soppressata and the Stilton with Rustic Bakery crackers. Fill the space between the Gruyère and prosciutto with Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps, and make a line of Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps along the top edge of the Stilton.
  • Fill the space in between the Gruyère and the soppressata with Castelvetrano olives. Then create a neat triangular pile of dried cherries to the right of the Selles-Sur-Cher, leaving some empty space between the cherries and the crackers.
  • Fill the bowl with Murray’s Cranberry Orange Preserves.
  • Fill the empty space on the board with fresh figs, and garnish with greens or herbs of your choosing.

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