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Cave Aged Limited Vermatcha

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It’s green cheese like you’ve never seen before—literally. Typically, “green” refers to a young wheel of cheese, but we’re taking that phrase to the next level with Vermatcha, an original experiment from our Caves! Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, we created this colorful cheese by mixing Champlain Valley Organic Triple Cream with matcha, a green tea powder, so that this delicate bloomy beauty emerges with a vibrant green paste encased in a thin, snowy rind. Our Caves team deconstructs the small rounds of Triple Cream and sprinkles them with a hearty dusting of matcha, then hand-crafts the mixed paste into small wheels of soft green cheese, which are then aged in our Bloomy Cave. Entirely unique and utterly eye-catching, this colorful cheese has a luxurious velvet mouthfeel and a complex depth of flavor. Slightly herbal with a bright hint of lactic tang, it’s an impossibly smooth and delectably savory combination. 

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Milk Type
Rennet Type
4 oz