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Meredith Dairy Marinated Feta 11 oz


Fresh, flavorful Meredith Dairy Marinated Sheep & Goat Cheese comes all the way from a farmstead creamery in Australia. The tangy white hunks of cheese are divinely spreadable, and slightly garlicky with an herby tang. Add a jar to your next cheese board, spread it on a fresh baguette or Firehook Firehook Sea Salt Cracker, or simply boil a pot of pasta, stir a few chunks of cheese into the hot noodles, add some cracked pepper and call it dinner.

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Just the Facts

Milk Type
Goat, Sheep
Rennet Type
11 oz

Pour a glass of...
  • Pinot Grigio

    A lighter, crisper white wine. Tends to be refreshing and fruity, with aromas of stone fruit, peach, quince, and lemon.

    Pair with: Creamy goat or mixed milk cheese with a crisp acidic element. La Tur or Brunet are great alongside the fruit-tart flavors of the wine.

  • Riesling

    This food-friendly wine ranges from super sweet to quite dry. Acidity, minerality, and aromas of tropical fruit are almost always present.

    Dry: Characterized by bracing acidity and stark minerality. Tropical fruit on the nose, stunningly balanced flavor overall.
    Pair with: This versatile wine works equally well with a fresh chevre (bringing out acidity) as it does a stinker like Willoughby (playing up the sweet/salty contrast).

    Sweet: The other end of the spectrum offers a cloyingly sweet, syrupy wine. Aromas of ripe peaches and tropical fruit dominate, along with floral, perfumed accents.
    Pair with: With something this strong it’s best to contrast the sweetness with something funky or salty: A pungent washed rind like Grayson or a punchy blue like Bleu du Bocage.

  • Sparkling Wine

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    Pair with: The effervescence of Sparkling Wines makes for a great pairing with richer, fattier cheeses that coat the mouth: think La Tur and Brunet, or a triple creme like Brillat Savarin or Delice de Bourgogne.