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Murray's Calabrese Sliced 4oz


Kick your tastebuds into high gear with this smoky paprika and hot cayenne infused Calabrese. This spicy slice will bring on the heat without overwhelming the rustic flavor of the meat itself. The area of Italy for which it is named, Calabria, has a long history of spicy dishes, and this dry-cured salami is no exception. Pasture-raised pork intensifies the flavor, bringing out the fatty and dense notes of perfectly aged salami. Sangiovese wine infused in the meat continues to accent the flavor, providing a bold and balanced bite. Spice up your date night with a few slices of Calabrese in a traditional pasta dish or simply on its own with a bowl of feta-stuffed olives. If you're feeling adventurous, pair with a bold Italian red, like Nero D'Avola or Chianti.

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United States
California, West
4 oz