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Murray's Genoa Salami 6oz


There is something about heritage pork that is raised in open pastures that brings out a gamey, rich flavor – so much so that you can taste it in every slice of Genoa salami. In a countryside where pigs were highly favored over cattle, Genoa Italy’s tradition of creating impressive dry-cured meats has lived on to this day. Lovingly slow-aged, each slice of Genoa salami is seasoned with white pepper and fresh garlic. On its own or topped a savory olive tapenade, this meaty masterpiece makes an excellent appetizer when put on a cracker. Pair with a heady wheat beer and enjoy the rustic and earthy flavors of both. Any recipe can be enhanced by featuring the bold and garlicky taste of the Genoa Salami.

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United States
California, West
6 oz

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